Lantern Display Areas

A.International Lanterns of Dogs

With “International Lantern” as the concept, the 2018 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival integrates and portrays global fairy tales having a “Dog” theme, to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dog. Multi-faceted exhibitions will feature various international lanterns, allowing each tourist to be blessed with endless luck. Please join us in the kingdom of imagination to march into the new year.

B.Sea of Colorful Lanterns- An Avenue of Stars

A hundred-meter-long tunnel is the imaginative world of over 4,000 lanterns created by children from 40 plus local schools. Each lantern is unique and exclusive, leading us into the wonder world of kids’ artistic creations.

C.Magic and Light Laser Show

Different from other lantern festivals, the 40-meter-wide light laser show utilizes the aspect of our waterfront along with magic and light laser effect. Each magic and light laser show lasts for six minutes, a unique showcase of our beautiful Love River.

D.Endless Luck from One Hundred Auspicious Dogs

One hundred lantern show of a zodiac sign has long been the tradition for the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival. One hundred dog-shaped lanterns are displayed along the Love River this year. Laying, sitting, or holding good luck charms, each dog lantern is delightfully cute, pure, loyal, and charming, hoping to bring us endless luck and happiness.

E.Local Delicacy Feast

As in the past, the 2018 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival organizes a gourmet area of various Taiwanese authentic delicacy and regional tastes. We invite you to enjoy the traditional holiday season with us.

F.Flying Lanterns from the Harbor City of Kaohsiung

The unprecedented flying lanterns in the shape of large whales and cute jelly fish are flying in the sky along the river. Whale lanterns symbolize a new landmark of Kaohsiung, the Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center, accompanying cute jelly fish and highlighting a 3D land-river-sky lantern show.

G.Religious Lanterns Full of Blessings

This area is hosted by various religious temples and shrines, showing lanterns in the shapes of popular little monks of Fo Guang Shan, the landscape of Yi Cheng Tung Temple, and other unique religious symbols from Guan Di Temple of Wujia, Wen Heng Temple of Fongshan, and Ci Ren Temple of Gushan, hoping to pass blessings forward along the Love River.

H.Air Cushion Amusement Park Full of Grateful Energy

A large scale of air cushion is suitable for family time. Apart from enjoying the breath-taking lanterns and shows, we can become adventurers exploring the air cushion amusement park and leaving a wonderful memory with our friends and families.

I.A Whole Street of Outdoor Pubs

The outdoor fantasy pub area along the Love River is sponsored by the famous brewers, including Heineken Beer, Taiwan Beer, Budweiser, Takao Beer, Craft Beer, EZF Beer, and others from Kaohsiung. You are invited to taste beer with local appetizers, enjoying the sea of lights and experiencing golden days from the past of local pubs along the harbor.

J.Nationwide Creative Lantern Competition Area

This area is organized by the Education Bureau. Competing teams are from various groups of kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, and others. All the themes center on dogs and landscapes of Kaohsiung.


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